Antena 3 news programmes have taken an interest in Zigor’s electric transport solutions

ZGR's CEO interviewed by Antena 3

Zigor’s solutions have attracted interest from the television. The fact that electric cars make headlines in the media is self-explanatory, but the fact that a prime-time news programme, such as the one that Matías Prats hosts on Antena 3, shows interest in showcasing electric transport solutions is certainly less common. This is the news report for a day when our power electronics and energy storage solutions were, above all, the protagonists for a day when they were featured on the weekend news.

An Antena 3 news team visited the Noguera de Pozoseco service area (Cuenca), This area is just over 200 kilometres from Madrid on the A3. They were welcomed by our CEO, Íñigo Segura, as well as by the head of the engineering department, ER-Ingeniería, which designed the comprehensive project, as well as by the petrol station manager. We then showed the journalists the various items that are used to generate and manage the energy.

THE ZGR CEO provides an explanation of the facility

Íñigo Segura explained the facility to the cameras and specified the location and role of each of the different items, as well as the advantages and impact of the technological solution adopted. In his own words: “Using Zigor technology, the service area saves 30,000 euros a year in energy expenditure, whilst reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 78.4 tonnes, which is equivalent, for example, to the absorption of 3,200 trees.”

The end of a technological tour

After seeing the solar panels, with a total capacity of 160 KWp, which are located on the various parking modules at the service area and which take up a surface area of 850 square metres, the group of visitors moved on to the building where the energy storage batteries and the generator set are located. The battery room impressed them most, where there are units that are capable of storing a total of 1,000 Kw/h.

Finally, the group visited the restaurant and product sales area. This area includes a display that permits real-time monitoring of the status and operation of the facility (SCADA system – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) which is simple for all customers. Finally, whilst in the restaurant area, the group discussed the visit and the specific features of the technical solution sat around a table and snacks, at the invitation and courtesy of the service area.

Electric cars and petrol stations

The Spanish electric sector is currently facing critical factors such as integration of the electric car in energy distribution grids. In conclusion, petrol stations must be properly equipped, with solutions such as ours using clean sources and battery storage, to meet the extremely demanding fast-charging system requirements of electric vehicles, as the presence of these vehicles on Spanish roads will multiply just a few years from now.

A curious fact: as well as generating photovoltaic energy, solar panels reduce the temperature below them by approximately three degrees. This reduction is something that is certainly appreciated, especially on a hot August day.

And finally, you can watch the full video of our report on Antena 3 here.